1. John Patrick Organic makes organic fashion that is practical, and wearable for any man.

John Patrick Organic
John Patrick Organic

DB Etiquette Recommendation: John Patrick Organic does use vegetable-tanned leather, cashmere, and organic wool in some products, which is much more than most designers can say- but something that, for those of us who know about ecology or animal advocacy, is not entirely sustainable or desirable. Aside from the ethical argument of domesticating animals, Think of the amount of resources it takes to raise a cow, or a sheep (feed grains, land space, water, energy, possible slaughter, transport etc...) as opposed to a hemp canvas or an organic bamboo (less land space, less water, transportation). Stick to the organic plant-based products.

For a list of where to purchase, click here.

2. THIS OLD THING? Tommy Cole and Roy Caires, fashion photographer and designer, magnificently re-purpose thrift garments into entirely new and gorgeous pieces. I own two of their vests and get asked who, what, and where constantly.red

DB Etiquette Recommendation: I've always said, thrift anything is more ethical than new anything. The only time to take heed is being aware of what you're making look fabulous. While, ethically speaking, a recycled fur or leather bomber may have less impact on the environment and animals than a brand-new synthetic garment - be aware of what you are promoting. Chances are, if you make fur and leather look fabulous, people will continue to demand it, and seek it out - new or not. Please shop thrift and re-purposed - it's the greenest, but steer clear of obvious leather, fur, and wool.




white3 This Old Thing? can be found at ALTER - a clothing boutique created by Tommy & Roy of This Old Thing? ALTER will feature clothing and accessories by This Old Thing? along with Cheap Monday Denim, jewelry by Fetty of Brooklyn, a stunning selection of vintage clothing... and many more brands to come as they grow. The official ALTER website is comming soon... the ALTER blog is located at: www.alterbrooklyn.blogspot.com