I may have been idealistic in assuming I'd actually sleep on the overnight flight to Paris. But seven hours later I arrived at noon in Paris. The airplane meal, while appearing quickly and inciting the jealousy of omnivores around me, was not amazing. Rice and vegetables seems to be the standard vegan option, and lots of bread and crackers. I can't complain though... just seeing the word "vegan" as an option on a French flight is exciting in itself. Hopefully, after Paris Vegan Day becomes an annual institution, someone will reach out to the chefs at Air France and show them the magic of legumes, seeds, nuts, soy, seitan, among other things. I was met at the airport and driven to the wonderful Gentle Gourmet Bed and Breakfast - the only urban, vegan B&B in the whole world (Go Paris, tres bien)!

Next was a necessary journey crosstown to Le Potager Du Marais where we dined on incredible vegan fare that takes its inspiration from classic, French, country food. It was beyond delicious, and we were incidentally dining at the same time as several other New Yorkers. Either great minds think alike, or New Yorkers are predictable foodies. Our waiter, whose nickname is "Soyja" was very helpful and charming. We enjoyed three courses that included a pate, celery root bisque, seitan in mushroom congnac sauce,  a mashed-mushroom stack over a saffron creme, pine nut pesto, and a dry, vegan Bourdaux . Oh yes, and lots of delicious bread.

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