Paris Vegan Day drew in almost 5,000 people from all over France and Europe! The day started with a buffet vegan brunch at the La Bellevilloise Cafe where James and I met up with Brice Partouce of April77 and his pals. There was a line out he door and so many people showed up for a vegan brunch in Paris that it blew my mind. Who knew? The atmosphere was great - I loved the space. As I've mentioned, something I really fell in love with about Paris is all the attention to detail and aesthetics that is considered. We had more creamy soy yogurt, tofu-scramble, risotto, salad, breads and spreads - one of which was like vegan Nutella, mango juice, and of course, perfect espresso.

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Later I emceed a fashion show featuring C-PAS, Mademoiselle Pimpante, Olsen Haus, Under the Pyramids, Herbivore Clothing, Vegetarian Shoes, Lili Cerise, Funambulle, and then gave a 45 minute talk on Fashion & Animals to a full crowd. I am thrilled to say that was asked to come back to Paris in September to give the talk at American University! I am so stoked, and really looking forward to this. Later, my roommates Isa and Terry of Veganomicon / Post Punk Kitchen / Viva Vegan! gave a cooking demo, and there was vegan shwarma and chocolate chip waffles and so many other things happening I couldn't keep up! For a full list of participants, click here.

That night, vegan choreographer James Koroni and Paris' own Celine Orang of Creadanse - who is also veg - performed with my friend Princess Superstar who totally rocked the house! Check out James' new website Enforced Arch, that has a great article about the night. Enforced Arch is dedicated to using dance as a platform for addressing social issues like animal rights, as well as highlighting other veg dancers and performers like Tonya Kay, Bettina May and Ray Hesselink.

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