Paris Vegan Day II, organized by the Gentle Gourmet, took place last weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. The event kicked off with a marathon of both sweet and savory crepe-making, and brought back the popular vegan shwarma from Wheaty. There were two full floors of tables and activities featuring savory food, sweets, clothes, accessories and household and beauty products. Food demos were given by the gifted Fran Costigan and Gentle Gourmet's Chef Deborah Brown Pivian. Doughnuts and cookie sandwiches from Health Angels Baking Club (get it?) rocked! Last year drew in almost 5,000 people and this year may have been more! I visited the Vegusto table for free samples a few too many times, and I was able to showcase my shoes and ties in a fashion showcase that I emceed. Finally, on Sunday morning there was a buffet-style brunch in a gorgeous outdoor patio.