Paul McCartney: "Fur Is Worn By Ugly People" Paul McCartney's official website is currently featuring a very strong message from the Knighted, internationally celebrated artist. One thing is clear, he is not mincing words when it comes to animals used for fashion. Like Paul, many intelligent, compassionate people no longer see fur as a symbol of wealth or status, but instead, see it as a symbol of ignorance and indifference to animal suffering:

“Fashion is an important industry. It can be creative and beautiful but it also has an ugly side. Those designers and retailers that use and sell real fur have the blood of the animals killed for that fur on their hands. It is the demand for fur, created by the fur industry, that causes so much animal cruelty and it’s all so unnecessary. No one needs to wear fur and no one would suffer or die if the commercial fur trade was to disappear. There are alternatives to fur and fashion designers can and should use their artistry to come up with designs that do not use this cruel product. I am so proud that my daughter Stella – who is a great designer – has shown the way and uses no fur in her collections. Remember, as Respect for Animals says: ‘fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people’!”

Please take a moment to check out my initiative, PINNACLE: Reinvent The Icon, which his daughter Stella has helped out on enormously.