Sheesh! What's the deal with wool? Many people ask what is the point in avoiding wool? They don't kill the animal for it, right? Aside from how most commercial wool-producing sheep are treated, you may be shocked to find out the truth of the environmental impact too! In the mean time, here are some alternatives to our favorite classic pea coat, minus the sheep industry. Hiroshi Awai designed a collection under the name CREEP, and many of the coats are organic cotton, and poly-filled. The double-breasted, navy, organic cotton and cotton-herringbone work jackets need some layering, but the duffle-coat (while not a pea coat-style) is warm and gorgeous in organic cotton with poly-fill and comes in beige, brown check and green khaki.


This Rogue Moleskin Peacoat is available at Saks. Moleskin is not what it sounds like. It's a thick, cotton felt, and very warm! No one has yet produced an organic, thick, moleskin, but we're waiting.