• A polo is great because it's somewhere in between a dress-shirt and a tee-shirt. The sophistication of a collar and buttons combined with the comfort and casualness of a short-sleeve tee is perfect for backyard barbecues, outdoor lunch meetings, and Sunday brunches. Thrift stores are chock-full of polos, and here are some ethical polos to ponder in organic cotton, hemp, recycled poly and more:
Mens Polo Shirthttp://www.howies.co.uk/shopimages/products/normal/M-austin_pink-12L.jpg
• You don't need a blender to make a shake. Vega's new shake & go smoothie is great because there's no cleanup. Only 100 calories per serving with 2500 mg Omega-3-6-9, 11 g complete protein, and 1 billion probiotics cultures. Just add two heaping tablespoons to ½-1 cup water, shake and go! Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author on performance nutrition


• The National Journal wrote a thorough and objective article about the state of the Animal Rights movement. According to them, the sophisticated movement is gaining momentum, sharpening it's tools, and ushering in some huge political and cultural changes - but not without a backlash from animal farmers and animal-industry-funded groups like the Center for Consumer Freedom.

Tail docking cattle is among the most disturbing practices MFA's undercover investigator captured on film during a recent investigation of New York's largest dairy operation. A worker uses a bladed clamp to slice off the ends of calves' tails, severing nerves, skin and vertebrae - all without the use of anesthesia. The calves' legs buckle from the pain, as they stagger and stumble to the ground. The worker then applies a smoking cautery device to the amputations. Find out how you can help.