VegBuzz: According to VegNews, PETA is partnering with the popular television personality Tim Gunn (Project Runway) to front a new video to be unveiled at New York’s Fashion Week this February in order to raise awareness of the atrocities of the fur industry. I'll be there to see it - will you?

Speaking of Fashion, Some of the big trends to look out for in 'o9 include beach-bum hoodies, windbreakers, striped button-downs, high-contrast plaids, and harrington jackets. The fortune tellers at continue to promote garments and designers without an inkling of social or environmental accountability. Here's a few ethical versions:

Knit Hooded Mens Organic Hemp SweaterHand Me Down Jacket Patagonia Men's Windbreaker Jacket ORGANIC Striped Dress Shirt

Faux-Foie Foibles. Ecorazzi recently covered the response from Chef Michael Ginor of Hudson Foie Grasabout PETAs Faux-Foie Gras contest. He had this to say: “I think it’s great. People should always have alternatives. I also think it’s ridiculous in a sense, because you can find substitutes for steak. It’s another vegetarian thing. It’s not going to be foie gras, it’s obviously another PR campaign to try and get people to not eat foie gras. They’re not going to find an alternative to foie gras because there just isn’t one.”