This November, California has an amazing opportunity to become a beacon of compassion and equality among a sea of fear, ignorance, and greed.

Prop 2: Vote YES!

Prop 2 could easily be the most import farm animal anti-cruelty legislation ever. California's Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, which will reduce the suffering of 20 million hens, pigs, and calves—will lead to changes across the nation. Battery cages, veal crates, and gestation crates do not allow animals to turn around, spread their wings or legs, or even lie down. This initiative is up against big wealthy  agribusiness. Please make a donation today. If you live in California, you must vote YES!

Prop 8: Vote NO!

No on Prop 8 is being supported hugely from celebrities like Brad Pitt and Steven Speilberg. The christian right is attempting to take away basic freedom from same-gender couples. Every Californian should have the choice to marry the person they love. It’s a personal and fundamental freedom guaranteed by the California Constitution. But this November, Californians will have an opportunity to vote on Prop. 8, it’s not right for California, and it’s not right for you. Vote No, and see what esle you can do to help.