• This new tee from Kill Shop Kill makes quite a statement, but it also is for two good causes, and I bet the ladies won't complain or disagree. This latest collaboration with veg smut star Jessie Lee was undertaken to help her cover medical expenses incurred when she suffered a near fatal car crash on November 5, 2010. She is still recovering serious physical and brain injuries, and the purchase of the shirt helps a lot, and also promotes being kind to animals - and the ladies.

• Right on topic, and perfect for Vday, why not get some chocolate "Furious Vulvas" or  "Anatomical Hearts" from Lagusta's Luscious. These organic, vegan chocolates look amazing and taste even better.

Placeholder photo.

• Speaking of not eating meat, Yahoo News reported yesterday on some updates in the world of lab-grown meat:

One pioneer in the field is Dr. Vladimir Mironov, a developmental biologist and tissue engineer at the University of South Carolina.... the lab-based approach to meat cultivation promises to be more humane than the factory-farm alternative. His research team has indeed received a grant from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in an effort to reduce both the need for massive farms and, well, the need to slaughter animals for food.

The process is similar to how yogurt is made. "Once a meat-cell culture exists, it could function the way a yeast or yogurt culture does," Robin wrote, "so that meat growers wouldn't need to use a new animal for each set of starter cells."

Awesome? Gross? What do you think?