• German strongman Patrik Baboumian will be featured in an upcoming documentary Tour de Force (Kraftakt). The interesting thing? He doesn't eat animals, he's a vegetarian, and a Hulk at that.


• According to yesterday's news in The Telegraph, "Warming oceans cause largest movement of marine species in two million years". But don't worry, there are people claiming that this climate change is just "alarmist nonsense", and so can you! Phew, for a second I almost believed 97% of the science community. Precaution based on research is overrated.  Acting like nothing is happening is so much easier than actually making change.  Making simple lifestyle changes like going vegan to curb the single-greatest cause of greenhouse gas emissions (livestock production) and demanding that business change isn't worth the risk of total ecological collapse.  So who cares if the entire ocean ecosystem collapses anyway... we live on the land, right? Keep calm and carry on.  Here's a great link to scientific responses to common global-warming deniers' arguments. Have fun, and by all means, do not connect the dots, way too much money is at stake.


• There are only 2 days left to place your pre-orders online for the BraveGentleMan collab with Novacas! These shoes and boots for dudes are classic, masculine styles and are built to last with some of the most cutting edge, durable, breathable faux leathers developed in Italy. Well worth the splurge, and who doesn't want a present arriving in Mid-October, justin time for stomping around in fallen-leaves and chilly breezes? Also, pre-orders save $20 and help fund this start-up so you can have more styles in futures seasons, and more products to choose from.

• Billy Simmonds, 2009 Mr. Universe (which is a steroid-free competition) was vegetarian at the time, and has now gone vegan. "Vegetarian bodybuilding takes not only discipline but also courage. And because of my alternative philosophies in bodybuilding, I am the exception, not the rule."

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• Cameron Conaway, on the popular MMA website, Sherdog, recently wrote an article, MMA Diet: Vegetarian. In the article, Conaway says:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_JFkNciCe5Mc/TU-S47OAd3I/AAAAAAAAAHk/cu4QPBobezU/s1600/popeye-and-spinach.jpg

"We’ve heard stories about how Olympian Carl Lewis and baseball slugger Hank Aaron were vegetarians. But now elite MMA dudes like Jon Fitch, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz and Mac Danzig are making vegetarian news. Over the past few years, MMA, thanks to the exposure from the UFC, has been at the cutting edge of training methods and nutritional practices. When there is a televised feature of a UFC fighter using battling ropes or sandbags or a certain protein shake, gym owners and weekend warriors the world over begin ordering these products. Likewise, to go vegetarian is hot right now in MMA. The question here need not be the black and white, “Should I become a vegetarian?” The question should be the shades of gray, “How vegetarian should I go?”