I just purchased these sweet, faux-nubuck "Mariner Shoes" with a gum-rubber sole. Boat shoes are really comfy, non-slip, and a great, light summer shoe. Plus, they're a classic that is having a moment in the spotlight again. Fairly made in Portugal. Sustainably leather-free. $119.95

Speaking of classics having a moment, Desert Boots are big right now, too. They were originated for utilitarian military purposes in Cairo during World War II as an alternative to stiff, hot, and heavy army boots. Nathan Clark, upon his return to the US after serving in the 1940s, apprehensively introduced the boot through his family's shoe company, and they caught on with Jazz musicians and mods in the 50s and 60s, and rappers and alterna-rockers in the 90s. Finally, a sustainable and rugged desert boot in faux-suede, lined in corduroy with double stitching. Made fairly in Poland. Sustainably leather-free. $80.

Desert Boot (Brown)  - click to enlargeDesert Boot (Black)  - click to enlarge