Don't be shady. Get an awesome pair of bamboo or sustainable teawood frame sunglasses from the Paris line Waiting For The Sun (W/SÜN).

• The Vegan Stoner has really fun illustrations and recipes that are easy, inexpensive, and awesome to look at. I don't don't even do the weed, and I still got the munchies looking at these. I love the drawings! I love the food photography! Yum.

Sloppy JoesThe Vegan Stoner's Peanut Butter Squares

• What's worse than shooting an animals for no reason other than fun? Shooting a captive, drugged, tame animal simply for a "trophy". On Monday, June 20, at 9 p.m. EDT/PDT, watch as producers of Animal Planet Investigates ride shotgun with Humane Society of the United States undercover investigators exposing the unsavory captive exotic animal hunting business, where fenced, tame animals are shot for guaranteed trophies.

See an African aoudad so tame an HSUS investigator can hug him, a kangaroo in a pen with a bounty on his head, a guide promising to push an exotic ibex into the investigators' line of fire for the kill, and more. We even uncovered a hunt operator drugging animals with tranquilizers to make them more tame. Watch a sneak preview and RSVP to the Facebook event.