• I am loving the collaboration between Riz Boardshorts and Aubin & Willis. These smart surf trunks in classic British patterns are made with 100% recycled and sueded poly (and they're re-recyclable).

Threads for Thought, the sustainable fashion label from California, has some cool menswear for summer. From color-block tanks to striped summer shorts, this line uses organic cotton, low-impact dyes, recycled poly, and fair labor.

http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0094/6462/products/robinson-black-2_large.jpeg?16213Panama Color Black

Fashioning Change is the perfect way to personalize your shopping experience. They match what you like with ethical brands that make similar styles. From bamboo sunglasses to wide-brim fedoras.


Deck Shoe (Apricot)  - click to enlargeDeck Shoe (Navy) - click to enlargeDeck Shoe (Brown) - click to enlargeDeck Shoe (Red) - click to enlarge

• These colorful Deck Shoes from Vegetarian Shoes UK are made in a durable "vegetan-bucky", a hard wearing breathable microfibre that looks and feels amazingly like supple leather.



Satchel (Apricot) - click to enlargeSatchel (Brown) - click to enlarge

• I'm also happily surprised with how cool these classic-pattern satchels are! Sturdy, durable, thick vegetan, made n Europe.