I am pleased to announce that Brave GentleMan is now carrying the world's most handsome and responsible condoms. Only a few months ago I sat in Dun-Well Doughnuts with Mathew Gerson, Sir Richard's Condom Company co-founder. We discussed everything from social justice to art and design to food, and I was blown away by the amazing work that Sir Richard's was doing, especially in Haiti. Just watch this video:

We dig the gingham design - it's classy, fun, and it radiates style in comparison to other condom companies' tacky designs. But the really cool part is that for every condom purchased, Sir Richard's donates a condom to a developing country. Their lubricant is free of harsh spermicide, parabens and glycerine, and the latex is casein-free, gaining them vegan certification. What's even better? If you buy condoms from BraveGentleMan.com, there is no shipping charge!