Sneak Preview: Brave GentleMan AW 14-15

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The fashion industry is crazy. For those of you not immersed in it professionally, it may seem like an unending stream of perpetual changing seasons with no rhyme or reason. But don't be mistaken, there's a very well-oiled machine-of-a-calender that is strictly followed by most designers. And in order to participate, you have to be about one year ahead of yourself, if not more. So when I started designing my Autumn/Winter 2014-2105 collection, it was still August of 2013.

Soft flannel, handsome and sturdy tweeds, and supple future-suede combine for a collection that is masculine, thoughtfully refined and edgy. From meticulously-detailed motorcycle jackets and vests, to traditionally tailored suits and slim button-down collar shirts, this season is about embracing the brave rebel in a very real way. For most of the collection, I sourced a sophisticated, dye-free and closed-loop range of textiles that have been milled from 100% recycled cotton and recycled poly in a mill with a social justice labor mission. This production method results in rich, complex and bold fabrics.

Once the samples had been made, it was closer to mid-January, and we photographed them on model Levi Jackson. Brave GentleMan has made a lot of strides this year. We are now represented by a fantastic showroom on SoHo called International Playground, we showed our first autumn-winter collection for men's market week (this is when all the buyers from stores get a chance to see and place orders for the collection) at the celebrated trade show CAPSULE, and we began working with Manufacture New York - an organization dedicated to keeping manufacturing fair, local, and sustainable. We'll be showing our first cold-weather collection at New York Fashion Week with LAUNCH NYC on Feb 7th.