veganJoshua Katcher

Some Things in Moderation. Buffalo Chick'n Mac & Cheeze

veganJoshua Katcher • Over 122,000 people participated in a recently published study on health and diet. 20 years later, researched followed up with the participants and found found an increased risk of premature death associated with eating meat. Even one conservative serving per day of unprocessed red meat increased risk by 13%. blogger Sara Novak asks, "...why eating such a small serving of meat can make us so sick if we’re supposed to eat it?" Read her article here.

• I finally had the opportunity to check out the second Brooklyn Mac location in Bushwick Brooklyn. This indulgent spot, started by some NYC Firefighters offers a variety of tasty mac and cheese dishes, and any one of them can be made vegan with the additional option of gluten-free noodles.  I got the Bed Stuy, a spicy, buffalo mac with Gardein and the Williamsburg which tasted like chicken-pot-pie-mac-n-cheese. They were both delicious. The staff were super-friendly and very vegan positive. The manager disclosed that over 50% of their orders are vegan. When you're in NYC, this place is definitely worth trek into Greenpoint or Bushwick. (It also doesn't hurt that Dun-well Doughnuts is a few doors down, so start working out now!)