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• Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary, recently wrote about legislation that is gaining national popularity among among agribusiness interests to make undercover video investigations Illegal. It is an interesting trend, considering that it targets hidden, true identities and agendas - but we must ask, whose true identity is the one that is concealed? In his blog, Making Hay, Gene writes:

Imagine an industry whose behavior is so reprehensible that it actually lobbies for legislation to make it illegal to document its practices. North Dakota, Montana and Kansas already have laws aimed at preventing activists from taking photographs or filming on farms, and now Iowa and Florida are considering similar measures. If you live in either of these states, please let your elected officials know your thoughts on this important issue.

Most people want to behave in a humane and conscientious way. It is only through secrecy and ignorance that the cruel status quo and the factory farming industry can be maintained.