• We've forgotten about the population problem. A few days ago, PBS featured this short video, marking the annual World Population Day. According to PBS:

...it’s hard to believe there was ever a time in our history when people worried about the size of their families and whether the world would have enough resources to support them.

But there was a moment when average Americans — Democrat and Republican alike — were engaged in a conversation about the “overpopulation problem” and what could be done about it. While the era didn’t last all that long, it’s still worth revisiting it today.

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• Bury these shoes and flowers will grow. Oat Shoes, made from hemp and cotton, will last like any other sneaker, but will degrade within a couple of months submerged in regular potting earth, unleashed a bouquet of wildflowers.

How do we feel about vegan Tobey Maguire's new job as the face of Prada's Fall 2011 campaign? Confused, but hopeful. He's not wearing fur, at least. In this behind-the-scenes video from HintMag.com, Tobey gets totally Zoolander, and we are left wondering whether those shoes are leather and those suits are wool?

Behind the Scenes of Tobey Maguire's Campaign for Prada from Hintmag.com on Vimeo.