Daniel Hauff is a not a Texan, but he's sure got the mustache for it. In an article from the Dallas Voice (Read the full article HERE), Hauff recently describes his experience as a gay, vegan, undercover investigator in Texas - which is hostile territory for all three of those characteristics. Hoff is the national director of investigations for Mercy for Animals, and is up against some serious cultural differences when he goes undercover and releases investigations like the recent fish scandal in Texas, but he takes them in stride:

"The first undercover investigation for MFA that we did that was employment-based,” meaning operatives for MFA go undercover in slaughterhouses and other animal-based industries, applying for jobs and then cataloging abuses and law violations. On the last day of the investigation just concluded in Texas, Hauff himself was wired with a hidden camera, interacting with the people in the abattoir (though he admits his duties generally don’t put him undercover)."


I am loving the new, bold striped ties from Jaanj. With classic combos like blue and gold, red and white, and blue and white, you can't go wrong. Wear these with a solid shirt, and beneath a waistcoat for a more refined look. Also, the navy polka-dot bow tie is a fail-safe if you're considering trying something new. Learning how to tie a bow tie is a long-lost rite of passage, so get on it! These are all made from microfiber satin, so 3,000 silk worms were not boiled alive to make just one pound of silk.

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• Thanks to the efforts of Donny Moss, NYC's GOTHAMIST reported on a shameful and illegal display of cruelty over the last few days:

Carriage Horses Spotted Working Illegally During "Weather Emergency"

Director of Blinders, Donny Moss, wrote to us last night pointing out Mayor Bloomberg's declaration of a weather emergency yesterday, in which he stated: "Clearing the streets remains our number one job—and to do that, motorists should please, please refrain from driving." However, the carriage horses were still out there working hard, and Moss wonders "how the ASPCA could have possibly allowed them to leave their buildings this morning, given the Mayor's announcement, the dangerous conditions, and the law, which clearly states that horses should not be working under these conditions." Please leave a comment and let them know we appreciate their covering of this story.