1. The Choosy Beggar can show us dudes where to hit up all the NYC sample sales. Thanks to Chloe from Girlie Girl Army for this info! 2. I recently got to try the tart, sweet, and totally original, organic blood orange juice from Italian Organics. My roommate said it would make an amazing mixed drink, but I enjoyed the bottle on its own. It also has almost twice the vitamin C as regular orange juice. Get some HERE.

3. A little while back I mentioned the mostly vegan, all organic Suki skin care line. Well I've been using the toner, chamomile moisture oil, sugar exfoliating facial scrub, and vitamin C Serum, and my skin is literally supple and glowing. Thanks Suki!

4. Retro Hi-Top. These babies from Autonomie Project are slick, classic, and pretty affordable. $56 at MooShoes gets you fair trade, organic canvas with sustainable rubber, and eco-friendly dyes. Duh! Fits perfectly in a Christmas stocking!

Black/Black High Top