Summer Smoke

Grey is understated, cool and refined. It's softer than white, more gentle thank black, and when combined with other grays with pops of tan, it can create a striking and sophisticated look. Below: Recycled Hemp/Organic Cotton blend shirt and jacket from Fanmail. Organic french terry, slim-cut sweatpants from Alternative Apparel, organic cotton cargo shorts from Monkee Genes, Dick Moby bio-acetate sunglasses, Brave GentleMan future-leather belt, Matt & Nat Laptop Bag and Brave GentleMan future-suede stacked brogue. mn112013_0723

Vetiver, cypress and soil are the notes riding on the ribbons of smoke from the Muru Incense Pyres from Blackbird Ballard. I've always loved warm, earthy and green fragrances - something like a blooming forest in springtime where tender botanical push open the dirt, and this one captures it well. $28

Speaking of good smells, fragrance can transport us - so take the opportunity this summer to collect your thoughts on a masculine, smokey, leathery and luxurious scented notebook from our favorite noses at Le Labo. What should you write about? Adam Gnade told us recently about the art of keeping lists, and this is the perfect accessory to bring to the park, the beach, or even to your lunch break. $50 The notebook