I finally got to try the phenomenon known as Veggie Grill in Los Angeles. It was my last night in LA and a friend nearly punched me out for not having tried it yet. Los Angeles is like a giant, confusing strip-mall, I explained to her. How was I supposed to have just stumbled across it? I'm a New Yorker, I need grids and subways!

We drove over (in a hybrid, of course) ordered their new "cheeseburger" with sweet potato fries, which was ridiculously amazing. This burger hit that late-night, salty, savory, ooey-gooey spot. We also got the breaded cutlet sandwich, the tomato soup, a side of mac and "cheese" and a kale salad. If you are a health-nut, this place is great - but if you have a hankering for a juicy, cheezy, bready, filling indulgence, even better! Next time you're in Hollywood, don't pass this up! They even have gluten-free and soy-free options, as well as desserts, daily special soups, and they cater!