Thanksgiving & Riding Subway

It's no secret that I have a few feathered friends. Turkeys are like avian cats. They've got lots of personality - they're sassy showoffs, they love a good belly scratch and a treat, and they are quite playful. Some even like to hop up on your lap and nuzzle their heads into your open palm. Don't assume to know about Turkeys until you've met a few. Last Year I said No Thanks, Turkey Day - calling into question everything from inaccurate history-telling to blindly following tradition, simply for tradition's sake. This year I am running off to Paris where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, but I'll be giving thanks that so many amazing people choose to focus on the delicious veg side dishes and leave the big, sad, dead bird off the table.

Speaking of veg Thanksgiving dishes....VegNews has saved us all the trouble of researching the ultimate Veg Thanksgiving action-plan. Their Thanksgiving guide is so well-researched and amazing that your bird-corpse-munching friends will wish they were vegan too. Whether you're hosting or showing up with a dish, this is a must-see for next weeks big holiday!

Tofurky brand "Hickory Smoked" deli slices would be a delicious addition to a Subway "Veggie Delight"!

Whenever I'm traveling for work and I find myself in the middle of nowhere - where my options are Steak & Shake, Subway, or a gas station mini-mart - I sometimes get vegetables on bread from Subway - but wouldn't it be great if they offered some of our favorite mock-meats like Tofurkey? Compassion Over Killing is spearheading a campaign to encourage Subway to being incorporation these products into their menu. Click the image to find out how you can help convince Subway to be more veg-friendly, animal-friendly, and earth-friendly.