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The Best Doctor. Truth In Advertising. Hipstory. Bananas.

veganJoshua Katcher

• The legendary Dr. Martins are back with a vegan vengence. The 8-eye boot and 3-eye shoe in two colors with Goodyear welting. Get them at MooSHoes. VEGAN 1460

• Beatniks, Hepcats and Hippies. The "hipstory" of counterculture fashion and identities from the 1940s through modern day, is documented in a great article by Zana Faulkner, that comes to a critical finish where she says,  "although that hipster may consider himself totally deck (cool), unless he’s got some philosophies and politics to introduce to the world, his contribution may die with the totally ironical T-shirt in a Goodwill bin."

"...the words “hep” and “hip” are both derivations of the African word hepi—meaning to open one’s eyes. Early jazz musicians used the word “hep” for anyone in the know, especially with regard to the black world of jazz; the musicians and their fans were known as “hepcats.”

• Mercy for Animals has created a  series of commercials for MTV that deal with the hidden origins of meat in a savvy, intelligent way. You can help keep these ads on the airways, reaching millions of MTV viewers, by making a tax-deductible donation at

• Dole and Chiquita are bananas. Rotten bananas. They have been using fuel from Canada's devastating Tar Sands (that you have to see to believe), along with other companies like Walmart and Safeway.