veganJoshua Katcher

The Noir 29, Liam Hemsworth, GQ's Burger & The Best Briefcase

veganJoshua Katcher

I love black tea, and it's no surprise that The Noir 29 from our favorite olifactory sorcerers at Le Labo might give Santal 33 a run for it's money. Read this description like a love letter: The scent combines depth and freshness, softness and strength through permanent oscillation between the light of bergamot, fig and bay leaves and the depth of cedar wood, vetiver and musk. A special extraction of black tea leaves wraps up the composition by bringing to the formula a dry, leafy, hay, tobacco feeling...


Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth has publicly announced he's gone vegan - for the animals. Welcome to team V, Liam. Check out his interview in Men's Fittness where he says, "There are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it. I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life." of being a vegan dude, The Discerning Brute's resident dietician Matt Ruscigno MPH RD, recently did a cool, easy-to-understand nutrition guide for men, and you need to read it. Here's an excerpt: When it comes to dudes and plant-based diets, there’s a lot ofmisinformation and disinformation circulating that purposefully preys on common insecurities like virility, strength and general manliness. The mainstream media sure loves a story about soy leading to emasculating effects like low sperm count and men growing boobs. But we also know that there are tons of top strength and endurance athletes who are vegan, as well as average guys who eat plant-based and just lead normal lives.

Brave GentleMan's new Faunus Soft Briefcase is straight-up gorgeous. Made in New York City's historic Garment District using tough-as-nails, supple, hi-tech Italian future-leather, this is the bag for the professional. It strikes a nice balance between being big enough for your laptop and paperwork, but small enough to remain sleek and effortless.


GQ Magazine recently did something very un-GQ like. They named the Burger of the Year a vegan burger. Yup. NYC's Superiority Burger, a vegetarian burger joint (I guess they're not totally vegan yet because they haven't had Miyoko's Creamery's Rustic Alpine or Cheeze Hound's Mutzerella) took the prize... and I honestly can't imagine any GQ readers' heads exploding anymore, because I think the time has come where regular people love food identified as "vegan", and the recent innovations and advancements in vegan cooking techniques are simply irresistible. Try not to get a superiority complex about it.