Dutch sneaker brand OAT presents the first ever completely biodegradable shoes. This first collection of biodegradable sneakers is the result of almost two years of research and development. Countless hours of searching the Internet, visiting factories and craftsmen and attending workshops on the ecological properties of materials either so new that they were hardly commercially available or so old and out of use, they had to search out the sparse islands of traditional craftsmanship to find them.

“The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT Shoes strives to lead the way to that future.” Check out their Facebook page.

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(thanks to Pierre for the tip!)

The psychology of social change is a study from which most of us could benefit. Anyone who has ever made a change in their own behavior for the betterment of others often struggles with translating the mode of that change into an tool that is understandable and even desirable as percieved by others.

Scientific research has generated a wealth of information on how people can be persuaded to alter their behaviors, yet this body of knowledge has been largely ignored by those working to improve society. Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Spreading Social Change brings this information to light so that non-profits, community organizers and others can make science-driven decisions in their advocacy work. The book examines over 80 years of empirical research in areas including social psychology, communication studies, diffusion studies, network systems and social marketing, distilling the highlights into easy-to-use advice and serving as a psychology primer for anyone wanting to spread progressive social change.

Author Nick Cooney will be talking about this topic and signing copies at Bluestockings Bookstore on Wed, Feb 23 at 7pm.