UMASAN is a conceptual, vegan, high-end fashion label from Berlin that uses haunting imagery, functional and elegant design, sustainable textiles, and has an affinity for the realm of anatomy and kinesiology. Most of their garments are made with "protein fiber", which is an eco-friendly fiber made from tofu manufacturing waste with a hand feel similar to silk or cashmere. You can shop their entire mens store here, and I am doing my best to get it at! 

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It is our PROMISE not to use any animal products, concentrate on humane/ecological production solutions and choose our fabrics through the eyes of sustainability and earth consciousness...UMASAN is creating calmness within the madness of the fashion world and it’s ever evolving market insecurities. No color explosions, fabric overload or unnecessary trend back and forth! Umasan is looking for balance and timelessness opposing industry standards. SLOWING DOWN!


* thanks to Patrick for the tip!