The Vegan Draws First Blood!


Game of Arms,

I attended the NYC cast and crew party for AMC's new show about the competitive world of arm wrestling, Game of Arms. Rob Bigwood, the tatted, youthful, vegan member of the NYC Arms Control team, destroyed bras de fer legend Allen Fisher, a 57-year-old, 26-time world champion, 3-0 in the opening match. The announcer shouted, "the vegan draws first blood!" The crowd who gathered at the bar in Union Square to watch the premiere live on the big-screen, roared as Bigwood put his name on the map for all of America to see.

The show is definitely exciting, full of drama led by strong, likeable and despicable personalities, and is shot beautifully. One of my favorite parts? Seeing a vegan blow misconceptions about strength out of the water in this 4,000 year old sport.

Catch the show on Tuesday at 10/9c.


Bigwood and Katcher locking-up at the Game of Arms NYC premiere party.