The Wound & The Gift

About the film:The Wound and The Gift is a film for everyone who has ever rescued an animal, or been rescued by one. We filmed the real life scenes in natural sanctuaries around the world. In the sanctuaries we met rescued animals ranging from dogs, horses, and cats to tigers, wolves, lions, cranes, camels, eagles, and even a sleepy owl. We met the most dedicated people who devote their lives to providing beautiful permanent homes and healthy food for animals in need. These real life stories are woven together by illustrations of an ancient fable that conveys the human capacity to wound and to save animals. By making this film, we have discovered how human love and dedication can help wounded animals learn to trust again, and how humbled humans are by the gift of their trust.

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The Wound and The Gift - sneak preview & benefit performance featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto
Sat., May 10, 2014, 4:00 PM
(le) poisson rouge