Who eats babies? A lot of people. From lamb and veal to suckling pig, like fairy-tale villains with the taste for lambshirtlayoutyoung, tender flesh, this food-fetish is responsible for systematically destroying nature's bond between mother and child. The dairy industry depends entirely on the exploitation of the reproductive systems of mothers. Can you imagine if you were forcibly impregnated (dare I say raped?) by a farm worker sticking his arm up to his elbow into your anus, threading an implantation device through your cervix into your uterus over and over throughout your life, only to have your baby torn away and shackled so some adults of another specie can drink your milk and devour your baby's soft muscles? This is beyond any mother's worst nightmare.

Mother’s Day is a time for honoring motherhood. You can honor the mothers of animal agriculture by not drinking the milk intended for their babies, and not eating their babies. You can show your support by wearing the cow ribbon on Mother’s Day and doing what you can to help them with every meal you eat.

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You can also sponsor a rescued farm animal in honor of motherhood:

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