The Skuld Crossover Pants in hemp/tencel blend with loose-pleated top and narrow ankles, and the MN Slim Jeans in black organic cotton from Thieves are two very cool pieces. Subtle pleats with a tailored cut below-the-knee is a great shape for spring, and simple, fitted, black jeans never get old.

• Following in the footsteps of Florida, Arizona and California, Farm Sanctuary has joined with HSUS and citizens in Washington state to launch an initiative effort to prevent cruelty. Language has been submitted and signatures will be collected to qualify a measure for the ballot that will outlaw battery cages and lessen the suffering of more than 6 million hens who are currently packed in these inhumane enclosures on egg farms in Washington state. These hens spend their entire lives crammed into tiny cages where they cannot spread their wings, and whose beaks are often seared off so they do not resort to cannibalism from stress. As this initiative takes off, find out how you can get involved.