Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty has some amazing new products, and a snazzy new website to boot. If you don't remember, these Brooklyn-based designers turn deadstock, and reclaimed fabrics into geometric fashion wetdreams. From the 'Rainbows Shooting From a Mystical Pot of Gold' underwear/bathing suit, to the 'Big Black Double Barrel" hoodie - RHLS continues to mystify - creatively and ecologically.Image of Rainbows Shooting From a Mystical Pot of GoldImage of Big Black Double Barrel

picture-1Vuori makes organic garments that celebrate activists. Their range of menswear is graphic tee-shirts made from 100% organic cotton. What's so great about organic cotton? The fact that it's not conventional cotton!

"Vuori honors the men and women whose heroic efforts, so often unnoticed, propel us towards a more sustainable future. Using fashion as a medium, Vuori recognizes the environmentalists, activists, and humanitarians whose visions inspire us to live with more awareness. On the inside of each garment, we pay tribute to these individuals and their respective heroic endeavors"


picture-7Thieves is made by Canadian designer Sonja den Elzen. This is a really sophisticated line - something that big designers who haven't caught on to the fact that we live on a finite planet should be afraid of - because artists like Sonja will be taking their jobs in the next few years! My favorite is the organic cotton twill trench! drool...

The line does use wool, silk, and found antler buttons on certain garments- but it's mostly animal friendly. The images below are totally vegan and 100% organic cotton.