Toodot, Let Them Eat Meat & Lobos Crisis

• Toodot is an organic and fair trade fashion line for men featuring simple basics. In an attempt to avoid waste and trends, their aim is to be "functional, well-cut and timelessly beautiful". Everything is 100% organic cotton grown and processed in Turkey according to the guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard, Thus, both the working conditions as well as the final product itself can be called "clean".

• I was recently interviewed on a website called "Let Them Eat Meat". The concept of the website is "an ex-vegan on veganism". The questions I was asked led down a very interesting path to possibilities for the future of humanity. My interviewer, Rhys Southan asked some very good questions.  Your constructive comments and ideas are encouraged, as this sort of dialogue is crucial to have in general.

• Lobos are in crisis. There are only about 50 left in the southwest. That's right, 50! After being reintroduced from the brink of extinction in the 90s, wolves are under attack once again from fearful anti-wolf sentiment. Poachers have taken the lives of 35 wolves in Arizona and New Mexico since their reintroduction -- including two all-important alpha males last year. But only two poachers have been caught and prosecuted for their crimes. Click here to help or learn more. Also, purchase a wolf tee from International Playground and 100% of the proceeds go to support the documentary Wild Wolf.