Topo Ranch makes some cool, organic, cowboy-cut shirts, jackets and tees for you dudical dudes out there who like yokes. You know... yokes? Those diamondy shapes on the shoulders, duh. boulder shirt Deerhorn Long Sleeve Tee Coves Jacketlate night wave shirt

What's missing from this picture of "The Carbon Bathtub"? National geographic seems to have left out one really important cause of global warming in their latest issue. According to them, 4/5 of greenhouse gas is caused by burning fossil fuels and the rest in from deforestation and other changes in land use. Not a thing mentioned about livestock. Infuriating! Yet this World Watch Institute article says that half of ghgs are caused by the farming industry. Write Nat Geo a nice letter explaining your concern about this oversight: ngsforum@ngm.comCarbon Bath

This "Sailor" sweatshirt from KOMODO, collaborated on by German designer Kilian Kerner is 100% organic cotton and is simple, rugged, and handsome. Why complicate things?


If you get a round to it, you might want to pick up a pair of classic, round glasses or sunglasses. I'd steer clear of the exact John Lennon/Harry Potter wire-frame, and go with more of a "The Thomas Crown Affair" Steve McQueen iconic shape in a thicker frame. Like Cary Grant here, you'll like it. What have you got to lose when everyone has aviators and wayfarers?