Trench, Espadrilles, Super Bowl Grub, Tyvek Paradox & The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act

The edgy, vegan, Berlin-based UMASAN has done a collaboration with EDDER on a pretty wicked trench coat made from the waste of soy-husks. This elegant black trench coat has a high quality, water-repellent surface.

• A Bassike Shoe for some of our favorite Aussies. Close your eyes and think of summer. Soludos x bassike limited edition capsule collection, sustainably-produced jute sole, thicker than the classic soludos. Organic, vegetable -dyed cotton espadrilles.


• The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and for many people it's more about hanging with friends and eating great food. Here's some recipes from Veg News Magazine and Chef Ayinde Howell to keep your party spicy and your guests full without killing them. Don't have time to cook? Check out buffalo "wings" and sliders from Gardein!


• This Tyvek parka by Warsaw's UEG is pretty awesome. But it brought up a really interesting sustainability conundrum (aside from the obvious paradox of "sustainable fashion" and the $824.00 price tag).a

What exactly is tyvek and is it or isn't it eco-friendly? Like many sustainability claims, it turns out that we think it's eco-friendly for the same reason many American think they need to drink the udder-secretions of a cow to grow up healthy; an effective marketing campaign. MNN's Siel Ju, Ph.D took on tyveck in 2009, saying:

"...Why are we using Tyvek to begin with?...Tyvek’s made by Dupont, which often brags about its nationwide recycling program for the 100 percent recyclable Tyvek. But while Dupont’s “Tyvek and the Environment” page makes Tyvek sound like an eco-friendly material, the reality is that Tyvek can only be recycled if YOU individually collect Tyvek envelopes and YOU pay [$15] to mail them to Dupont for not recycling, but downcycling... Isn’t it easier to just — not use Tyvek and stick to materials that are either reusable or easily recyclable through existing local programs? "

• ADI is currently working on federal legislation to ban the use of wild animals in circuses; it is called the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359). Learn more at Break the Chain campaign at:

Special thanks to Partrick for today's fashion finds!