Native Son, who won this year's Ecco Domani menswear award, held their showcase at the Chelsea Piers. Now, don't get too excited, hardly anything in the collection is free of animal fibers, but I was more interested in the styling of the models, getting inspired for my forthcoming suit line, and noting certain trends that I could later relay to you.

The most outstanding trend was the tucking of slacks into socks with boots, ankle boots, or even shoes. Round sunglasses featuring thick frames or wire-frames - or a very mad-max combo of both, were the eye-wear of choice. Gloves, cummerbunds (both under and over blazers), double-breasts, dressed-up biker jackets, button-down collars, tie-clip chains, and straight-up Mad Men fitted-suits all came together paired with a too-cool attitude. Now if only they would ditch the wool and leather in exchange for some sustainable and vegan alternatives, I'd be a happy (and poor) fellow!