Triko is an urban, street-wear label that focuses on promoting social and environmental awareness through design and lifestyle. Designer Hector Estrada chooses to incorporate sustainable materials into his collection, such as organic or raw cotton on selected tees and uses coconut shells or recycled soda cans as buttons. You can purchase from

cool urban fashion clothingcool urban fashion clothingcool urban fashion clothing
Triko is actively involved in charities and organizations including Solar 1 and Defenders of Wildlife and will continue to support charities and organizations that work towards the protection of the environment and its inhabitants.

DB's Etiquette Recommendation: Triko does use wool and leather in some garments - and I recommend contacting them to thank them for what they are doing for the environment, and to kindly ask that they stop using products of such immense cruelty and environmental devastation such as leather and wool. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, animals' skins represent "the most economically important byproduct" of the meatpacking industry, which as we know has been targeted by the United Nations (see the REPORT) as one of the leading causes of global greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, water shortage, loss of biodiversity (even worse than all cars, trucks, and planes combined!). This counts sheep too! Watch this video from Pink on Wool: