veganJoshua Katcher

Trio of Men's Style

veganJoshua Katcher JUX is a European fashion label that combines cool design with the handsomeness of labor transparency. You can see who actually stitched your clothes depending upon the number sewn into the seam.  They use many materials like organic cotton, hemp and recycled coke bottles (but do steer clear of their wool products, considering that the flatulence of a single sheep could power a small truck for 25 miles a day, according to New Zealand scientist Dr David Lowe).

ReCLOTHINGS by designer and tailor Daniel Kroh, restyles used work-clothes into fine menswear... and even furniture. Work-wear is built to be durable, so it only makes sense to se it again and again rather than throwing it into a landfill.


Ken Panda is a Berlin-based streetwear label using organic cotton and fair labor, amde small-scale by hand. You can buy this fresh collection online.