• The organic cotton chambrey shirts from Knowledge Apparel with button-down collars are incredibly handsome and fitted. A+ all the way.

Thought Control in Economics

• What is ecological truth? What is the true cost - not just abstract numbers, but the actual ecological impact - of running your fridge, buying a toy from overseas, or eating animal products from CAFOs ? Furthermore, what would happen to our economic systems if we implemented what Kalle Lasn calls "true cost" in his article "A New Kind of Global Marketplace"?

"Processed, mega-farmed and imported foods become more expensive as the cost of organic and locally produced food goes down. Bit by bit, purchase by purchase, the global food system heaves toward sustainability."

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• When the first clocks were erected in the town squares of France, the workers revolted and destroyed them for fear of having their lives controlled, minute by minute. Nowadays it's nearly impossible to escape the tick, tick, tick of clock. Short of escaping our dependency on man-made-time (as opposed to following the patters of the sun and moon), the Italian eco-lux company, WeWood, offers reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood watches. The website claims that every watch is "completely absent of artificial and toxic materials," and furthermore, each purchase of a watch results in a tree being planted! (via Ecouterre)