Turk + Taylor
Mark Lee Morris and Andrew Soernsen started off making organic, hand-dyed Tee-shirts, and have since expanded their line to include tailored pieces. All of their styles are limited-edition, hand-numbered and hail from the West Coast.
Their tees are often retro-inspired, and bold colored. The tailored pieces are well-made, simple, basics with a fitted shape. If you cannot find what you are looking for through one of their retailers, then Mark and Andrew accept orders via email and ship at no extra cost.
DB's Etiquette Recommendation: Turk + Taylor do use silk. It's rare to only have something like silk to complain of about a designer. The veggie-fashion goddess herself, Stella McCartney uses silk and wool. I debated not saying anything at all, but I'm confident that worms matter. They have nervous systems and brains...and getting boiled alive probably doesn't feel nice - especially for the sake of lining. Find out how most silk is made HERE and you decide.