Ursa Major, Israeli Animals, NFL Anti-Fur Dudes & John Corbett Talks Pig

• Ursa Major is a Vermont-based men's skincare line that has gained a cult following in men's shops throughout the states. Their packaging design is quite appealing, featuring the namesake,  The Great Bear. The products are vegan, not tested on animals and the ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms and are organic at least 50% of the time. They are gluten, petrochemical, sulfate, paraben and synthetic fragrance-free. Not to mention they've won accolades including Esquire Magazine's "Best Shave Cream" of 2012.

Speaking of things not tested on animals - many of the major brands who already tested on animals, and even the ones who used to be against animal testing, but have buckled under pressure from China to test their products on animals, will not be welcomed into any Israeli markets or stores. Starting January 1st of 2013, Israel has effectively outlawed the import, sale and marketing of any and all cosmetics and household products tested on animals. This is the most significant law of it's kind in the world. The EU passed a similar ban, which was also scheduled to take effect in 2013, but has been delayed. What's wrong with vivisection (animal testing) you ask? Click here.

The Israeli Knesset in session

• Two NFL strongmen, Buffalo Bills defensive end Shawne Merriman and New York Jets safety, Brett Lockett both showed some inked skin for Peta's "Ink not Mink" campaign - proving that strong men are kind to animals - and probably think you look like an ignorant, jerk in fur. And yes, the ball is synthetic.

• Another famous dude who is speaking up for animals is John Corbett (Sex and the City, United States of Tara) in a new video for Farm Sanctuary.

"In “The Doctor,” John Corbett’s famous voice brings us the story of a charismatic pig who earned his name for his endearing assistance to medical caregivers at an emergency rescue site."