Ali Hewson and Bono's (yes, of U2) vision for a socially conscious and aesthetically desireable clothing line resulted in EDUN -launched in 2005 as a revolutionary model of autonomous, sustainable social and economic growth in developing countries. EDUN has challenged the typical mode of pillaging communities (sweatshops), and ecosystems (hazardous garment production) that still remains the status-quo for the majority of the fashion industry. For the facts on EDUN's practices, click HERE. Watch their VIDEO.

And how does the product look? In their own words:

Bono and Ali

"EDUN is both beauty and brains. Part rock & roll, part punk rock, EDUN pulls intellectual inspiration from the 1920's Berlin Weimar culture combined with the artistic romance stirred by the art nouveau movement in Paris of the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

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campaign flannelorganic tee

jeanscotton sweater

For a selection of additional EDUN's Mens' Classics, Click TOPS or DENIM

EDUN has its hands in every element of production, from cotton growth through sales. EDUN utilizes locally run factories in Africa, South America and India and does not build or own these factories because their aim is to empower communities and workers at every phase of production (as opposed to exploit them) with the ultimate agenda of fostering self-determining garment producers. EDUN uses organic cotton wherever possible. 31% of the EDUN Fall/Winter 2007 collection is organic; 50% of the EDUN Spring/Summer 2008 collection is organic. *Source

To find out about their 'ONE' campaign to fight global poverty and AIDS, click below:


DB's Etiquette Recommendation: Supporting lines like this is crucial to making a positive paradigm shift within the fashion industry. Let's face it - clothes affect almost everyone - whether we're wearing them, selling them, or making them. If you can afford to make choices like EDUN, please do so. I do, however, recommend steering clear of their wool and leather garments for obvious reasons - let's not forget that, more widespread than worker exploitation, is the unpaid and torturous exploitation of living, feeling animals who, as individuals, have a will to live and not suffer just like you or I or your dog or cat.