1. Jake Shields is not just one of three people to ever be awarded a Blackbelt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and champ of Elite XC, he is also a life-long vegetarian. I will be posting an interview with him in the coming days, so stay tuned! I wonder how he would do against vegan MMA champ Mac Danzig?

Hb 1895 Storefront

2. Henri Bendel has gone fur-free. They've been around for almost 114 years, so look out Saks, Macy's, Nieman Marcus, & Nordstrom! Don't you know that Fur Is Dead?

“Henri Bendel’s fur-free policy offers proof that cruelty-free can certainly be synonymous with high fashion. We are thrilled to add Henri Bendel to our list of more than 100 fur-free companies, which already includes the other Limited Brands.” - ”  Heidi Prescott, senior vice president, campaigns for The Humane Society of the United States


3. Zero Energy Prefab Homes are not science fiction! Check out the mkLotus by Michelle Kaufmann. This beautiful, healthy home is a peaceful oasis that collaborates with the land. This home offers the latest high-performance systems and sustainable materials and methods, which dramatically reduces its impact on the environment, as well as your energy bills! Solar, rain water catchment, gray water system, geothermal, and other efficient building systems can be added as well.