1. Cheap Monday, whose jeans are as inexpensive as they are tight - have made a pretty incredible vegan pilot jacket. PVC-coated polyester with a removable faux-shearling fleece collar. The pilot/bomber is a classic jacket that has rib knit cuffs and hem; 2 snap pockets at the front; and a single pocket inside. While this jacket is technically vegan, the dangers of PVC plastics are one reason to not partake. Alas, is PVC really cruelty-free if it ends up poisoning a bunch of living things? It is certainly better than the environmental devastation associated with leather production: clearing land, raising, feeding, watering and transporting the cattle, then slaughter and tanning using compounds like chromium.

As for labor, this is from Cheap Monday: (Read their entire code of conduct here. Code of Conduct)

We believe that it is important to take responsibility when it comes to working conditions, from both ethical and social aspects as well as issues regarding production and the environment.

Couldn't they have made this in tope (see below) or waxed canvas? sigh...

Cheap Monday Pilot Jacket

2. DB Clay's Version 3 wallets are dope (and tope!) Have you heard of Tope?

stampage black

Ms Frey Styles


dark bark

"Tope is a synthetic fabric similar (in texture) to a vinyl canvas. However, Tope does not contain certain hazardous chemicals typically found in most vinyl-based products. In particular, Tope contains NO PVC, Tope is made from non-toxic raw materials (it causes no dioxin, heavy metal or phthalate pollution), Tope decomposes when buried, Tope is chlorine chemicals free and Tope is fabricated through a pollutant free process. Additionally, we have engineered a tremendously technical printing process whereby we print high resolution and full photographic images using environmentally friendly inks. To top it off, Tope is also vegan and animal free."

If you need a custom made, one-of-a-kind, tope "Puzzle Wallet" from db clay click here. They make a great gift, and a great collector's item:

 Handmade Puzzle Wallet