Vegan MMA fighter Diego Lopez Wins

photo: Diego Lopez, Fightland (Vice) for the article "MMA's Golden Gloves" by Jimmy Jolliff

269265_10151623344521328_257996087_nWe've had our eye on rising MMA star and long-time vegan, Diego Lopez of the Williamsburg MMA Academy for a while now. Last week, Lopez won his fight at the "Kings of New York" MMA, Presented by Fighters' Source. He walked out to Johnny Cash's, "When the Man Comes Around", and proceeded to win in the first-round with a wicked triangle choke. He is the first fighter featured in the video below, which recapped the night. Check it out, and also check out his pre-fight interview (in Spanish) with Telemundo NY 47 where he teaches the anchor to put him in a choke-hold. You can hear Lopez speak Wednesday April 3, 2013 at the Jivamktea Cafe in Union Square by RSVPing the event "Athletes and Plant-Based Nutrition" with headliner and TDB contributor Matt Ruscigno, RD. The panel of athletes will include Diego Lopez, Tracey Katof a pilates trainer and dancer, Erin Red Grayson a nak Muay fighter and instructor, and Zachary Koval, a fittness buff and PETA's 2012 "Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door".

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