Vol. 3: I am Nik's "Alkalarian" breakfast & lunch. Eat me!! by featured contributor Nik Tyler

As promised at the tail end of my last entry, here are a few of my recent alkaline culinary inventions straight to your computer screen from my home kitchen. All of these meals maintain your pH balance, as they consist solely of awesome alkalining veggies/fruits, healthy oils and sensational seasonings. Something about this new way of eating has awakened a more creative chef within me - and even cooler, my taste buds have shifted dramatically to craving more healthy and innovative produce combinations, rather than my old sugar-coated, acidic ways.

So without further adieu, check out these "nix alkaline recipes", give em' a go in your own kitch, and feel the power and energy of eating like a gourmet gorilla!

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Gone are the days of starting my day with cereal or a stack of pancakes. Now, instead of a bowl of difficult-to-digest, sluggish oatmeal, I'll whip up an awesome, alkaline-ing avocado shake. This is an amazing way to begin the day - not only is this shake jam-packed with health, for ultimate energy, but it tastes awesome & is uber-refreshing!!


Avocado Morning Shake Ingredients:

  • • 2-3 Ice Cubes
  • •  2 Avocados
  • • 1 Sliced Cucumber
  • • 1 Bunch of Spinach and/or Arugula
  • • Handful of Dill, Cilantro,  Parsley,
  • • Cherry Tomatos
  • • Tablespoon of Lemon Juice
  • • 1 Full Peeled Lime
  • • Chopped Celery


  1. 1.   Blend in Vitamix
  2. 2.   When smooth, pour in glass
  3. 3.   Drizzle tea spoon of olive oil, flax and/or hemp oil Top with one cherry tomato and a teaspoon of hempseeds
  4. 4.   Sprinkle some ginger, garlic and curry powder on top
  5. 5.   Add a celery stick as a stirrer to mix & enjoy

FYI: You can simplify this recipe if you like by simply blending avocados, cucumber, spinach or arugula, lime and ice. That will be super tasty as well.


For a mid-day meal, I suggest pigging out on an awesome garlic-guacamole collard leaf wrap & a kick-ass kale sautee. These green dishes are full of protein and healthy fats that will no doubt sustain you through the middle of your day, leaving you feeling satisfied and full of pep!

Garlic-Guac Collard Wrap Ingredients:

collard wrap

  • • 1 or 2 Avocados
  • • Slice of Onion
  • • Couple cloves of Garlic
  • • Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
  • • Bunch of Basil, Dill, Parsley
  • • Tablespoon of Lemon/Lime juice
  • • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • *Special added ingredient - I am obsessed with "Majestic Garlic" (, a garlic paste available at most Whole Foods, as well as online. This creamy, delectable vegan spread is an awesome addition to literally any meal.  If you wanna' make this guac extra creamy, add in a teaspoon of this delicious delicacy.


  1. 1. Throw all above aforementioned ingredients in a Cuisineart or blender and whip it up!
  2. 2. Then put a dollop in the center of a collard leaf, wrap it up and chomp away!!

Kick-ass Kale Saute

Photo 61

  • • Sunflower Oil
  • • 1/4 of an onion
  • • Few cloves of garlic
  • • Head of Kale
  • • 2 handfuls of fresh Dill
  • • 1 Avocado
  • • 1 Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
  • • 1 cup of Tomato Sauce (without added Sugar)
  • • Spices: Garlic, Ginger, Curry Powder, Sea Salt & Pepper.
  • • Tablespoon of Hemp seeds, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Lemon Juice


  1. Low-flame-saute onions and fresh garlic in sunflower oil.
  2. Once the garlic and onions are a little crisp, throw in the raw kale
  3. Marinate until the kale is softer, but not cooked through - still a bit tender/raw.
  4. Add tomato sauce and spices: garlic, ginger, curry powder and sea salt.
  5. Take a plate and put a handful of fresh dill in center of plate.
  6. Place sauteed kale on top of dill, and then place a third level of more dill on top of the kale.
  7. Add a garnish of sliced avocado, cheery/sun-dried tomatoes and a spoonful of hemp seeds.
  8. Lastly, drizzle a table spoon of olive oil, hemp oil, lemon juice & a spoonful of fresh salsa.

I hope you enjoy these Alkaline dishes. There are no rules to any of these meals, so feel free to use my ingredient list as a blueprint and they have fun and create your own take using the green alkaline foundation. Dinner dishes will be up next, so please stay tuned!!