Vol. 8: I am Nik’s Toxins Running For The Hills!! by Nik Tyler

In addition to strenuous exercise, another awesome and effective way to work up an extreme hot sweat is in an infrared sauna. I found a terrific one at The Tao Healing Arts Center (http://www.thaconline.com/), a hidden gem located on Main Street in Santa Monica. This very zen, healing sanctuary has been a fixture in Santa Monica for years and I would always pass it by with a curious eye. But a few weeks ago, I finally went inside and I am so happy I did! The 45 minute infrared sauna sessions are incredible on many levels; relaxing, quiet and peaceful, they forced me to take some time and just be still and contemplative. What's also really cool about the infrared sauna is that the heat waves effect the body directly without heating the air inside the sauna the way a regular sauna would. Because of this, it's much more comfortable to inhale and it's an awesome way to really kick those toxins to the curb!

Buy the cookbook linkOne other great perk to The Tao Healing center is that it is located right down the street from one of my favorite raw vegan restaurants, Euphoria Loves Rawvolution (http://www.rawvolution.com/). After my sauna session, you can usually find me there replenishing my body with a delicious raw kale salad and a big side of guac!

So if you live in the Santa Monica area, do your body and mind a favor and check out The Tao Healing Arts Center. It's a very special institutions of well-being & peacefulness and such a great asset to the city. And, if you aren't from my neck of the woods, where ever you live, I highly suggest you give an infrared sauna a shot. Sweat out those nasty toxins and feel the clarity of being a clearer and cleaner being, both in mind, body and spirit!