MatzahBrei If you celebrated Passover, you may have piles of matzah left over. Sure they're great as giant crackers to eat with hummus, but something I grew up eating the morning after Passover was Matzah Brei. Traditionally, this Ashkenazi dish is made with matzah and fried eggs. It's sort of like a savory french-toast but with matzah instead of bread. I veganized the recipe and am happy to share how easy it is to make!

What you'll need (serves 4): • 4-6 matzah crackers (there is now organic, whole wheat and spelt matzah available) • 1 12oz. package of silken tofu• 1 Tbs of The Vegg • 1 cup of water • tofu scramble seasoning (make your own, or Fantastic has a pre-made seasoning packet) • a large non-stick pan (or cooking oil to prevent sticking) • vegan sour cream to taste • horseradish to taste • fresh dill

Directions 1. Beat together 1 Tbs of The Vegg and 1/2 cup water. 2. In a blender or food processor, combine the Vegg mixture, the tofu, the Scrambler packet and the remaining water until it becomes a smooth batter.3. Break the matzah into fourths. 4. Quickly run the matzah under cold water to begin tenderizing it and to help the batter stick. 5. Heat your nonstick or oiled pan to medium-high. 6. Pour the batter into a wide bowl for coating the matzah. 7. Dip the matzah in the batter, covering both sides, and place immediately into the hot pan. 8. Flip when medium to dark brown (around 1 minute on each side). 9. Serve hot with vegan sour cream, vegan cheese, fresh dill and horseradish.