Thanks to Karen Dawn of Dawnwatch for alerting us Brutes to an addition to our gang... Yesterday in the New York Times, Prince Fielder dished on what it's been like since switching to a vegetarian diet as a Major League, 265 lb., hot-shot, home-run slugging, first-baseman. And get this...while he doesn't mind the increase in energy and loss of fat, he did it for ethical reasons.

"Fielder, 23, decided to make the switch over the winter after reading how cattle and chickens were treated and “was totally grossed out,” he said. His wife, Chanel, preferred a no-meat diet as it was, so he embraced a new approach...Fielder, a first baseman who walloped 50 home runs last season, has become more than the face of the young and improving Milwaukee Brewers — he has become a lightning rod for his off-season decision to spurn meat and fish, including the bratwurst that tailgating Milwaukee fans hold so dear. -

For guys like me who still like to play ball, this spring I recommend Carpenter Trade's vegan baseball glove. They are hand-made to order (and expensive, but well worth it). Scott Carpenter started making vegan gloves in 2001. Star players such as Roger Clemens, Chris Carpenter, and Johan Santana, are opting for synthetic backs.

If you need something cheaper, get a used glove.